Refund of waiting list ticket...

Refund of waiting list ticket
For cancellation of RAC/Waitlisted tickets upto the prescribed time limits, full refund of fare will be given, after deducting the clerkage charges per passenger.
Clerkage charges per Passenger Class
Rs. 30 AC First/Executive Class
Rs. 30 First Class/AC 2 Tier
Rs. 30 AC Chair Car/AC 3Tier/AC 3 Economy
Rs. 30 AC-3 Economy
Rs. 30 Sleeper Class
Rs. 30 Second class
For cancellation of confirmed tickets more than one day in advance of the scheduled departure of the train, excluding the date of journey, the minimum cancellation charges based on the class of travel as follows:-
Flat Cancellation charges per passenger Class of your ticket
Rs.120/- AC First/Executive Class
Rs.100/- First Class/AC 2 Tier
Rs.90/- AC Chair Car/AC 3Tier/AC 3 Economy
Rs.60/- Sleeper Class
Rs.30/- Second Class


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