How to create a free website?, You can't create a wesite totally free ...

How to create a free website?, You can't create a wesite totally free but you can create website with minimum amount.

No one give free domain and hosting, may be some site give domain as free with Hosting cost.

But other way you can develop and publish a website with low cost, some web sites are giving free hosting for a year, example ,this site provide free hosting with PHP Mysql Linux.

You want spend money only to buy domain name, Domain cost is differ depend upon domain type like .com,.us,.org like that. If you like dot com domain you may spend minimum 15 dolors per year.

You can design a static web pages using some free web design site, That sites are provide free templetes and quick and easy way to build site.Mostly your hosting site give a options to build free static pages with help of any other web services.

Here some free web template builder site,

How to buy domain?

This very easy and simple, you must have some payment method like credit card or debit card or net banking

Just go to any domain selling site , decide your site name use site avilablity option to verify availablity.

If you got name then just pay the money and get your domain name.some domain seller provide hosting facility with domain, if you like to host same site you want pay some amount for that.

Here some domain seller sites,

Next step is hosting, Hosting used to place your site files and pages to serve, domain used to pointing the hosting server

if you are the beginner then use 000webhost, Just signup and create your site and link to your domain server using name server, name server address mostly start with NS.

You want to place name server name in domain.

Domain server take 24 to 48 hrs to pointing the hosting location to public. hosting or domain selling site mostly have instruction for connect domain and hosting.

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