Surge arrester on Electrical power system network...

Surge arrester is an electrical device. Which is used transmission lines. It is used to protect the electrical equipment from over - voltage transients caused by lightning  ( external causes ) and switching ( internal causes ).

    • Surge arrester has both ground terminal and high voltage terminal. 
    • It must be used incoming line of the switch board and also 10 metres away from the distribution network. 
    • It's act power system like a fuse in a house hold.
    • Ultimately surge arrester protect the system equipments some time sacrifice them selves to protect the network. 
    • Lightning arrester must be placed outside of the system,  but the surge arrester placed inside of the system. 
    • Because of the lightning arrester protect the system by lightning to the ground. Surge arrester has resistance to consume energy or nullify the surge voltage. 

How does a surge arrester operate?

A surge arrester is a device that protects electrical power systems from damages caused by lightning and switching. 
When a powerful electric surge voltage travels from the power system line to the surge arrester. This high voltage or current is sent directly to the insulation of the surge arrester to the ground to avoid damaging of the power  system line and electrical equipments.

Lightning arrester 

          Lightning arrester is an electrical device. It is used to protect the power system from the lightning. During the lightning occurred in a transmission line over voltage passes that line. When lightning arrester ground that over voltage and protect the network. 
    • Lightning arrester placed outside of the power system network. 
    • Lightning arrester has high voltage terminal and ground terminal. 
    • It is also used in telecommunication system. Which protect the insulation and conductors of  the system from the damaging effects of the lightning. 

Arrester types  : 

  1. Road Gap Arrester
  2. Sphere Gap Arrester
  3. Horn Gap Arrester
  4. Multiple-Gap Arrester
  5. Impulse Protective Gap
  6. Electrolytic Arrester
  7. Expulsion Type Lightning Arrester
  8. Valve Type Lightning Arresters
  9. Thyrite Lightning Arrester
  10. Auto valve Arrester
  11. Oxide Film Arrester
  12. Metal Oxide Lightning Arresters

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