Compare MySQL vs PostgreSQL ...

Compare MySQL vs PostgreSQL

MySQL PostgreSQL

Open source

Have more GUI tools for design and maintance

Have diffrent type of DB engines

Large amount of functions

In sql Communicate with diffrent database is possible

A broad subset of ANSI SQL 99, as well as extensions
A query cache to bypass the SQL parser and return previous results if the data in a table has not changed.
Table Partitioning using LIST, HASH, RANGE and SET.
Built in replication via either statements or row-change events.
Network protocol compression.
SSL support
Updateable Views
Stored Procedures
Unicode Support

Open source

Support very large table

Good performance

In sql Communicate with diffrent database is not possible

efficient executor for both static SQL or parameterised SQL
advanced cost-based optimizer, with many plan choices and adaptive statistics collection
indexing: partial, functional, multiple-index-combining, index-only scans, 5 different kinds of index (btree, hash, gist, gin, spgist and brin)
TOAST data compression
improved cache management in versions 8.1 and 8.2
huge scalability on write intensive workloads from 8.2+
asynchronous commit ("MyISAM for Postgres")
asynchronous Replication built-in from 9.0+
synchronous Replication built-in from 9.1

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