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The India is the developing country. The India has to be seperated various languages and various people. Each state has different type of people. They are live in cities and also villages. The Indian economic status is identified by the way of modern civilized city growth, but the village growth is in the range of lacking. All over Indian people has use bank for secure our income for future plan. So the Indian economic backbone is bank. This are identify the economic status of India. This is also to assist the economic growth of India.


Each person has separate account to secure their income. The safety way to pay of money has used bank account. The banks are handled national money tranferring system. Then the peoples are mostly used bank for money transfer. Bank is secure our valuable products (jewels, currency, documents and etc). It gives more facilities for their customers. It provides ATM (Automatic Teller Machine), Credit card, Debit card, EMI (Equated monthly installments), cheque, DD (Demand Draft), Net banking, Online payment, Online money transfer and loan for customers and companys.


Abbreviation - Indian Financial System Code.


Abbreviation - Magnetic Ink Character Recognition code